Selected Publications on Diabetes & Endocrinology


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Peer Reviewed Journals

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Letter to Editor

  1. Ling Choo Lim, Su Chi Lim, Kian Peng Goh, Vivien CC Lim, Rajmohan Lekshminarayanan, Tavintharan Subramaniam, Chee Fang Sum. Is Universal Screening for detection of thyroid dysfunction in Early Pregnancy justified? Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism 2007;Mar 13.

Poster and Oral Presentations

  1. Goh KP, Lim SC, Yeoh LY, Gopalakrishnan R, Koh A, Chua CL, Tan WL, Ee T, Goh T, Xu XH, Ong C, Subramaniam T, Sum CF. Long term prospective follow up experience from a multi-disciplinary diabetes nephropathy clinic. 3rd World Congress of Nephrology (Delegate). Singapore. 26-30 Jun 05.
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  4. W Chui, Goh KP. The use of Glucometrics in Evaluating the Quality of Inpatient Glycemic Control. 8th NHG Annual Scientific Meeting. 16-17 Oct 09. (Best Poster Competition Award: Nursing Category)

Research Portfolio

As Principal Investigator

  1. To study the effect of an exercise program on the aerobic capacity with the use of a breath-by-breath gas analyzer and glycaemic control of type 2 diabetic patients (NMRC Enabling Grant 2004)
  2. To study the relationship between the ACE I/D polymorphism and the improvement in V02max of rugby players in Singapore after a training period of one year. (NMRC Enabling Grant 2004)
  3. A proof-of-concept study to investigate the exercise mimetic effects of resveratrol-induced SIRT1 activation on PGC1-alpha regulation and insulin sensitivity. (NMRC NIG Grant 2008)
  4. A Proof-of-Concept Study to Investigate the Effects of Resveratrol-Induced SIRT1 Activation on Insulin Sensitivity, Physical Activity Levels and Energy Expenditure in Non-Diabetic Obese Male Chinese Subjects. (NMRC Enabling Grant 2009, EMSS Grant 2009)
  5. Incidence of sodium disorders in patients admitted to an acute care hospital.
  6. The effect of 3 months supplementation of oral resveratrol in type 2 DM subjects on FNDC5 levels in human skeletal muscles and plasma. (AH EG 2012)

As Co-Investigator

  1. Lily and Alkermes IDAS Study: A pivotal open-label parallel study to evaluate the safety and efficacy of human insulin inhalation powder (HIIP) compared to injectable insulin in patients with diabetes and COPD or asthma (2005)
  2. Developmental Pathways to Metabolic Diseases: Metabolic Physiology, Epigenetics and Body Composition in Healthy Overweight and Obese Subjects with a Fixed Range of Body Mass Index in Singapore – To Investigate the Influence of Ethnicity. (NMRC 2008)